Tasting menu

Our tasting menu is a true reflection of the seasons showing the best of British produce and an interesting and thoughtful approach to cooking and serving ingredients that are sometimes overlooked or ignored.

The tasting menu is priced at £45. To reserve please visit our bookings page, call the restaurant on 07709 209260 or email us at info@arthursbelper.co.uk.

We are happy to address any dietary requirements such as allergies, vegetarians/vegans or food intolerances - provided they are mentioned on booking.

Sample menu

(Please note this is a sample and may not be our current offering, menus may change without notice due to availability of produce)

Quail egg assiette

Cod head, chip shop curry mayonaise

Bread and butter

Fish stew

Asparagus, duck, yolk

Nettle, grains, truffle

Beef feast
 Derbyshire longhorn
 Wild garlic
 BBQ heart taco
 Snail and steak bake a la Birds

Rhubarb crumble

Terry's honey, preserved chamomile